Baseball Season Begins!

While the joke goes that our lives are so busy we don’t have a moment to catch our breath, sometimes there’s actually a little bit of truth in the matter. For instance, while sitting in an arena in Sioux Falls while Tucker wrestled in the South Dakota state tournament, he got a call from a coach for Canyon Lake Little League informing him that he had been drafted to the minor’s division and would start post haste! Which is, to say, there was not respite from sports in the Mason house this Spring.

What we didn’t realize we signed up for was daily practices, a more serious demeanor and nut cups.

That being said, three weeks later Tucker finally had his first game as a member of the Commandos and he’s off to a rousing start! By rousing I mean he was far in the outfield dancing a little jig in anticipation of the ball being hit his way.  Although it never came his way while out there, he did get those spins and hip shakes down. Thankfully the coaches moved him up to second base later on, perhaps in fear that he’d be giving Beyonce a run for her money.

With kids pulling their best big leaguer impressions at the pitchers mound, replete with inexplicable nods and hiding their faces behind their mask to show they mean business, Tucker’s at-bats were decent. At the very least he got a hit on his first try (as seen above) that was eventually caught by the shortstop, but it’s better than striking out!

Carrie tried her hand at score-keeping as both a means of being helpful to the team and trying to offer skills that don’t involve either of us suiting up to ump (fear the wrath of other parents!) and did an unsurprisingly bang-up job as she is a numbers lady at heart. Between that and perhaps a few field maintenance volunteer jobs I may be able to avoid judging the angle at which baseballs fly across the plate at fifty miles per hour!

It should be an exciting season for Tucker, as this is a funnel for kids who play at such a level that they earn trips to the Little League World Series every now and again. At the very least, it’s interesting to see the size variations of these kids (seriously, check out the catcher in the video!) as we get the younglings like Tuck or smaller playing against per-pubescent giants who might need to have their birth certificates checked just one more time.

Bring on the peanuts and cracker jacks.



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