Christmas Letter 2015

Dear family and friends,

It would be a massive understatement saying that there were big changes at the Mason household this year. Things are always in flux around here, what with kids growing, seasons changing and hair being chopped off for a great cause. But I’d be remiss if I didn’t start my missive off by talking about the final member of our family, Jasper.

After what felt like a small eternity, he entered the world on September 25th. Not content with the business of waiting, he impatiently tried to crawl his way out which inevitably led to c-section delivery as most doctors don’t recommend the Superman method.

He’s a sheer delight to have around and a reminder that our parenting skills when it comes to newborns are a little rusty. OK, I should restate that I had some rusty parenting skills. But it’s like riding a bike, you know? Even a few months in he’s constantly a-changin’ at the blink of an eye. He looks and smiles at you, coos and jazzercizes on a play mat with the best of them. His brothers simply adore him and he in turn loves them, too. Odds are he doesn’t even look like he does on the photograph included, such is the speed of his growth. Although hard to describe, there’s a sense of completeness to our family now that he’s here.

It’s a good thing Jasper is here to remind us of youth, because the next baby in line, Breckin has done did started Kindergarten. So far he’s shown he’s ready, willing and able to soak in every bit of information his teacher gives to him. He loves to read, play with his friends and remind his older brothers that he’s just as tough as them.

Tucker has been giving the Tooth Fairy a run for her money, if his jack-o-lantern smile is anything to go by. And he flashes that toothy smile a lot. As always, he’s all about athletics, this year adding coach-pitch baseball and wrestling to the mix. While that last sport had Carrie and I fraught with fear, he’s always there taking the bull by the horns (or holding another kid in a half-nelson, as it were) and increasing his skills.

If there’s one kid that’s shown a world of change besides the new baby, it’s the oldest one, Owen. He’s grown like a weed, shooting past his admittedly short old man rather quickly. He’s also proud enough to let everyone know, as well. He’s acclimated to high school rather well, with good grades and a social life to boot. His hollow legs are obnoxious and sometimes his work ethic leaves something to be desired, but he’s a big help around the house when his teenagerism doesn’t kick in.

As for Carrie and I, we just keep on truckin’. Carrie has been very successful doing little side jobs with her photography, which helps her improve her skills as well as line her pocket book, a win/win in anybody’s book. If I could figure out a way to make some coin hiking, playing videogames or writing I’d be set, too. Baby Harry is, as always, our little angel and assuredly smiling down on his newest brother Jasper. And Uno continues to be a loveable nuisance, as always.

I hope this letter finds all who read it well, and hopefully you all leave a positive footprint on a world that feels like it increasingly needs one.


Love Matt, Carrie, Owen, Tucker, Breckin, Harry, Jasper and probably even that dumb cat Uno too


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