Christmas Letter 2014

Dear family and friends,

As I struggle to come up with something clever to say about how eventful life was in the Mason household, I’ve come to realize that the greatest event in our lives this year…is that there wasn’t really any at all.

That’s not to say we weren’t busy; just that the things we enjoyed doing in 2014 were prosaic. It’s worth noting simply because I think in this day and age of social media, we take for granted the little things in life sometimes. While we’re busy taking pictures of sandwiches or framing pithy sayings without giving it a second thought, we sometimes forget to marvel at our children discovering things or how we’ve become proud of the work we do or just watching a good sunset off the deck, with a glass of ice tea in your hand.

We’ve had plenty of adventures to be sure, and I’ve seen growth in all of us throughout the year. While we haven’t shared every single one for prosperity, we keep it in a more important place – our hearts. Rather than explain the happenings in our lives that you do know, I thought I’d touch on the things you might not.

Breckin is the epitome of a four-year-old. He’s strong-willed, passionate and silly. He’s a creature of routine; change things up, even a little, and he’ll let you know. He’s at one of life’s little crossroads; stuck between being a doted upon toddler and an independent grade-schooler. For every boundary he’s willing to push, he’s just as quick to ask mom to fix his boo-boos. For every fiery demand in which you catch the full extent of his rage, he’s just as likely to snuggle with you and make you feel like the most loved person in the world. He’s a pistol in all the right kind of ways.

As for Tucker, this is his first year at elementary school. He’s been gung-ho about it ever since, which is endearing. It’s also a little scary for Carrie and I; it’s the realization that our kiddos are growing up kind of fast. If there were some kind of medal you could earn for participation in events, this kid would win gold. He has a hankering to try everything. No, seriously – everything! I was going to list all the things he’s tried, but my brain stopped after about six. His eagerness is infectious. He’s quite literally what you think of when you hear people say that children are like sponges. I don’t know where all his drive will take him, but I bet whatever he chooses to do with it, he’ll do with equanimity.

Whereas Tucker is just starting his school career, in many ways it feels like Owen is reaching the tail end of his. I’m not gonna lie – him being in 9th grade makes me feel old. I finally feel pity for my parents, now knowing what it’s like to have a fourteen-year-old in the house. Not that any stage of life doesn’t have its ups and downs, but that transition from child to adult can be difficult. Mostly for the adults that have to help them cross that bridge! Even with the occasional irrational emotional outburst, in the spectrum of teenagers, he’s a great kid. He stays very active in both school events and church, and found a niche in both his love for snowboarding and drama. Even though he likes to pick on his brothers a lot, he has this empathy and kindness that’s rare in a lot of people, let alone a high school student. At the rate he’s going, it might be OK if we unleash him upon the real world in four more years.

Carrie is as loving and heart-warming as ever. Her heart is big enough to not only care and love for our own children, but those she teaches as well. I’m continually amazed at how genuine she is. But you already knew that. Rather, this year it’s worth noting that she has come into her own as a photographer. She’s always had a penchant for it, but this year she’s really come into her own with it. There was nary a place she didn’t bring her camera. Now she’s taking the steps to turn her hobby into a side job; she’s nabbed quite a few interested parties in hiring her to take family photos, portraits, etc. It’s undoubtedly a lot of work…but I can tell that she secretly likes being that busy.

As for me, this year I’m always reminded of some lyrics that state I’m old at being young, but young at being old. I’m pretty content with things these days; spry enough that I can have fun with my boys but wise enough to teach them the life lessons they need to know. I haven’t written as much as I would have liked this year, but that’s what they make New Year’s resolutions for, right? That “Great American Novel” won’t write itself, I suppose…

As always, I wish I had something spectacular to say about Harry’s year, but we don’t get to spend them with him. He’s always present though; whether it’s that breath of cold, fresh air tingling in your lungs on a winter morn, a dragonfly sitting on a lily pad or just a twinkle in the night sky. If anything, he’s assuredly playing cribbage and riding tractors with those who came before him. He’s in good hands.

We all hope this letter finds you all happy, healthy and wise. Make the most of life, especially the little things. They get missed a lot, but are just as important as those big events that highlight your year.


Love, The Masons.


P.S. If you’re wondering about Uno, he still does a great job of making sure the furniture doesn’t go floating away, that the bugs that get in the house knows who’s boss (in a most pacifistic manner) and that hair gets on all your black sweaters in the closet.


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